Storytelling for Social Harmony: Taster Session with CERITA12 July 2024

The Caravanserai Collective (ceritacaravan.org), together with United In Diversity (UID) Foundation, invite you to a taster session of our flagship CERITA Program, which has been successfully piloted in Indonesia in 2017 and delivered in the UK, the Netherlands and Tunisia with participants from across South Asia and Europe. 

Our CERITA Program aims to strengthen social cohesion by promoting intercultural understanding and dialogue through storytelling and educational initiatives.  It will empower local communities by fostering appreciation for Indonesia's rich cultural, political, and religious tapestry.

During the taster session, you will gain valuable insights into:

  1. The program's objectives and methodology for fostering social harmony.
  2. How storytelling can be used to celebrate Indonesia's diversity and build unity.
  3. The expertise and capabilities offered by The Caravanserai Collective.
  4. This session is an excellent opportunity to learn how you can collaborate with us and contribute to building a more inclusive and resilient society in Indonesia

The session will be held in-person (offline) at:

For further information about the event, kindly contact Mutia by WhatsApp at +62 819-5299-2355 or email mutia.rizqydiani@uid.or.id.

We're looking forward to welcome you!