Book Launching of Prof. Jatna Supriatna07 July 2023

United In Diversity proudly presents the book-launching of Prof. Jatna Supriatna, an accomplished researcher and academic known for his contributions to the fields of biology and conservation. The four books are titled: ‘Sustainable Environment Management’, ‘National Park of Indonesia’, ‘Biologi Terapan’, ‘Teori dan Praktik Perencanaan Konservasi Sistematik’.

The book launching event will offer a unique opportunity to meet Prof. Jatna Supriatna and to hear him speak about his research, experiences, and insights. Attendees also have the opportunity to join the interactive discussion with:

1. Alue Dohong, Ph.D. - Vice Minister of Environmental and Forestry at the Ministry of Environmental and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia

2. Prof. H. Emil Salim, MA, Ph.D. - First State Minister of Environment, Republic of Indonesia

3. Prof. Ir. Rachmat Witoelarr - Former State Minister of Environment of Indonesia (2004-2009)

4. Prof. Satyawan Pudyatmoko, Director General of Nature Resources and Ecosystem Conservation.

5. Prof. Dr. Sangkot Marzuki, M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc. - President of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (2013-2018)

6. Prof Chris Margules - Co-Author of The National Park of Indonesia and Perencanaan Konservasi Sistematik


Please find the details of the event here:

Date: Friday, 7 July 2023

Time: 04.00 pm - 06.30 pm (Bali Time GMT 8+)

Venue: UID Bali Campus, Awan Auditorium 3 rd Floor

Google Map: bit.ly/UIDBCLOCATION

RSVP: https://bit.ly/UIDBOOKLAUNCHING001


We invite you to join us in celebrating the publication of this important work by Prof. Drs. Jatna Supriatna, Ph.D., which is sure to be of interest to anyone interested in the natural world and the protection of our planet's biodiversity.