Working Towards a Sustainable Future: UID and Local Government of Sumedang Join Forces for Development01 February 2023

The United in Diversity Foundation (UID), a host institution of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Southeast Asia, recently conducted a workshop in collaboration with the Local Government of Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia. The purpose of the workshop was to support the local government in developing its development strategy plan for the next two years, until 2024. The aim was to provide the local government with a clear direction for addressing the complex development challenges faced by the region.

The workshop was the first step in UID's collaboration with the Sumedang Regency to help it develop its development plan. During the workshop, the participants were introduced to the use of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicators as the basis for evidence-based policy planning. In addition, theoretical frameworks such as systems thinking, root cause analysis, and Scenario Planning were used to produce development directions that are well-targeted and can effectively address the complex development challenges faced by the region.

The workshop had three main objectives:

1. To provide the participants with a clear understanding of the Sumedang Regency Poverty Alleviation and Development Strategy work plan.

2. To internalize the framework that will be used during the development of the strategic plan.

To facilitate technical coordination between the Sumedang District Government team and the UID team.

3. A total of 49 key local civil servants participated in the workshop, which was held in Jakarta on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. 

Moving forward, the UID and Sumedang Regency teams will conduct ground research, data mapping, and further focus group discussions to develop the document planning. Through this process, UID, as a member of the SDSN Network, hopes to actively participate in real-world policy challenges and provide necessary guidance and assistance to the local government.

By using evidence-based policy planning and incorporating systems thinking and scenario planning, the UID and Sumedang Regency teams aim to develop a comprehensive and well-targeted development strategy plan that addresses the complex development challenges faced by the region. This collaboration between the UID and the local government will pave the way for a sustainable future for the people of Sumedang