TRI HITA KARANA FOR G20 ARTS: “G20 Constellations” and “OM 20 Concert Festival”14 November 2022

Tri Hita Karana are the three ways to happiness through harmony of people planet and spiritual. Arts and music are medium to spiritual awareness.

“Constellations: Global Reflections” presents leading G20 contemporary artists under the curatorial leadership of Lance Fung in partnership with United in Diversity Foundation, featuring arts and tapestries to evoke global issues on ocean conservation, climate, resiliency, equity and global collaborations.

14 Nov 2022 | “Ocean Music 20: Sound of Oceans Concert Festival” is initiated by the THK Forum partnering with B20, with WEF on Oceans 20 and with Ministry of State-owned enterprises on Music 20. OM 20 aims to reconnect humanity with the ocean that stores multiple times more carbon than our atmosphere, land and plants combined.

More Information: THK FORUM