Bali Campus: Let's Emerging Our Common Best Future!31 January 2022

United In Diversity Foundation has started the construction of the UID Bali Campus at Kura Kura Bali, Denpasar, Bali. As a vessel that brings together the best educational, research, and development institutions in the world, UID Bali Campus will be surrounded by TechPark with an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and industrial development. UID Bali Campus collaborates with MIT Faculty and MIT Sloan School of Management on IDEAS Certificate Program, not to build an MIT Campus in Indonesia

In response to some news on various media about a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus in Bali Indonesia, UID Bali Campus wishes to clarify that we have had a long-term collaboration with MIT since the co-founding of UID, and have been adopting and promoting Systems Thinking and Theory U in all our activities. More specifically, the collaboration with MIT faculty and MIT Sloan School of Management is related to the program MIT-UID IDEAS Asia Pacific that is to be launched in Q2 of year 2022 and features a gathering coinciding with the G20 Summit in Bali. This program has enjoyed strong support from the government and multi-stakeholders with high-quality students from around the world.

With this, we hereby reaffirm that MIT only has one physical Campus in Cambridge Massachusetts; there is no MIT Campus in Bali.

Sir Gordon Duff, President of UID Foundation, said that the foundation collaborates with global institutions including top universities, to realize UID’s vision. “UID collaborates with international thought-leaders from all spheres, including top universities, to create a campus on Kura Kura, Bali, to bring new thinking and solutions in pursuit of the UN’s SDGs and better lives for all”.

Supporting this fact, we are in agreement with the statement released by Ms. Sarah McDonnell - Deputy Director of Media Relations at MIT News Office, on her press release that stated there is no current plan involving at this time for a joint Tsinghua University - MIT campus at Kura Kura Bali. "We learned that one of the MIT professors gave advice to a non-profit organization in Bali with connections to Tsinghua and the technology campus under construction. However, he did not do so as part of his work at MIT," she said in an official statement to the Balipost (14/1).

The UID Bali Campus is part of a dream that continues to resonate to bring a better and more sustainable future together. The choice of location is not only because Bali is the prima donna of tourist destinations that are well-known throughout the world but also based on the spirit to participate in preserving the natural beauty, the nobility of culture, and the real practice of Tri Hita Karana that lives on this island of the gods.

The UID Foundation invites the world's leading innovation partners, experts, and institutions. Organizations and activities that will also be housed at UID Bali Campus include Tsinghua South East Asia Center (Tsinghua SEA), United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN) for Southeast Asia, the Tri Hita Karana Forum, and the Global Blended Finance Alliance for Sustainable Development. The inauguration of the UID Bali Campus at the end of 2022 will also coincide with the Tri Hita Karana forum event.