Dumogi Amor Ring Acintya: Bapak I Gede Ardika22 February 2021

Dumogi Amor Ring Acintya: Bapak I Gede Ardika

I Gede Ardika was a respected former Minister of Tourism and Culture of Indonesia, Advisor to Bali Governor playing role in Bali in harmony with nature against high rises above coconut trees, also as UN WTO regional council chair.

His legacy will live on in his children and people he has touched, in each of our work in UID where he was Trustee, Kura Kura Bali where he was President, Alun Alun Indonesia as Chairman, and co-founder in Tsinghua Southeast Asia.

Pak Ardika taught me the Balinese Tri Hita Karana philosophy of harmony of people with nature and with God. He loved a man of integrity as a respected official and after. His words are filled with gentle warmth, with profound thought; he acts what he thinks and speaks, with steadfastness, and with love for people be it Bali, Indonesia, and for world.

He shared how Bali culture embraces others and incorporates many into its own, he deeply believes in Bali for the World. In my prayers on February 19 morning coinciding on the ninth day of Chinese New Year, the Heavens birthday, he shares his departure and wishes us to celebrate instead of mourn. He is joining his beloved wife and special people, Tides and others, whose spirits will embrace our paths as we walk in the way of Happiness.

Lovingly all of us mourn and celebrate the passing of a gentle hero.

Cherie Nursalim