BEKAL Pemimpin Foundation Workshop


Envisioning a just and sustainable natural capital management that is rooted in local values and wisdom that has stewarded our planet for generations - by investing in people, places, and potentials.

BEKAL Pemimpin understands that to shift the mainstream practices in managing our natural capital towards fairness and sustainability, systemic changes need to happen. We also understand that there is a blindspot in our understanding of systems: a failure to recognize that our own ways of being, thinking, and doing are ultimately the primary drivers of our own systemic outcomes—through the choices we make, and through the relationships, institutions, policies, and systems that we create and enact every day. 

Therefore BEKAL Pemimpin chooses to invest in elevating the awareness and system leadership capacity of the actors at the heart of our natural capital management practices. By convening a microcosm of the system—community leaders, activists, academicians, business actors, indigenous communities, government representatives, and media—this awareness and leadership capacity transforms not only the individuals, but awakens a more holistic awareness and action-confidence at the collective level to co-create the necessary shifts for a better common future. 

Posted on 05 April 2021.