UID Bali CampusPublic Speaking Boot Camp 2.0


"Conquer Your Fear and Speak with Confidence"

We believe that effective public speaking skills are beginning to be felt by almost every layer of society from executive circles, government, academics, young professionals, and even students. We can see how this competency has become an excellent area for all people, one that brings transformation for career acceleration, critical thinking skills, leadership, and quality of life.

The research showed that people who fear public speaking can perform well if they use certain strategies to fight it. 75 percent of adults admitted their fear of public speaking, and 95 percent of them agreed if proper counseling, instruction, and coaching are provided, this fear can be overcome. Besides, data from The National Association of Colleges and Employers stated that almost every business in the 21st century is looking for people with effective communication skills.

To meet the expectations above, we believe this course is a constructive method. Effective public speaking and leadership skills could increase the chance of every person getting a better career opportunity. To prepare these talents, leadership training, workshops, and hands-on skill training are also no less important for them to develop. There could be many people who are talented and qualified in their fields but do not get the chance to brand themselves.


We are delighted to present the second batch of our Public Speaking Boot Camp: Conquer Your Fear and Speak with Confidence. This boot camp is designed to help you become a better public speaker. We hope to attract 35-50 young leaders, mid-career, and professionals between the ages of 18 and 55.

This program welcomes participants from tri-sectors; students, government, civil society, and the private sectors. The boot camp offers key principles that are essential to effective public speaking and presentation from qualified and well-known specialists, including public figures, journalists, activists, news anchors, government officials, and business executives. This program also provides leadership training to aid in the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals.

The boot camp runs for seven days in a hybrid format and is planned to be started in:
Online Workshop : 27th to 30th of November 2023
Offline Workshop : 1st to 3rd of December 2023

The batch 2 of this UID Public Speaking Boot Camp offers key speakers such as;

1. Tantowi Yahya - President of United In Diversity Foundation
2. Helmy Yahya - Business Coach
3. Pandji Pragiwaksono - Comedian and Actor
4. Sophie Navita - MC/TV Host
5. Marializia Hasni - News Anchor and Journalist
6. Muhammad Farhan - Radio Announcer and Politician
7. Gustav Aulia - Educator
8. Kalis Mardiasih – Activist and Content Creator
9. Nimas Mega Purnamasari - Director of UID Bali Campus
10. Shobi Lawalata - Director of Learning, UID Foundation

We hope that this program will deliver you with many advantages and provide you with an unforgettable experience.

For further information, 
Email to: uidbalicampus@uid.or.id 
WhatsApp: ‪+62 881‑0826‑14859‬ (Ziel‬)

Registration: bit.ly/uidpsbc2registration