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"Find Your Voice and Ready To Shine"

We believe that effective public speaking skills are beginning to be felt by almost every layer of society from executive circles, government, academics, young professionals, and even students. We can see how this competency has become an excellent area for all people, one that brings transformation for career acceleration, critical thinking skills, leadership, and quality of life.

United In Diversity (UID) is an education forum headquartered in Jakarta, co-founded in 2003 by MIT Sloan School of Management, University of Indonesia, and GT Group Sinar Harapan. United in Diversity Forum later established Yayasan Upaya Indonesia Damai as a Foundation to work with leading global and local Universities, think tanks, and tri-sector partners to build trust for our Common Future. As an educational platform, UID is given the important role of personal transformation in soft skill development. We believe that personal and collective leadership capacity is a key point of influence and must be our focus of attention.

The research showed that people who fear public speaking can perform well if they use certain strategies to fight it. 75 percent of adults admitted their fear of public speaking, and 95 percent of them agreed if proper counseling, instruction, and coaching are provided, this fear can be overcome. Besides, data from The National Association of Colleges and Employers stated that almost every business in the 21st century is looking for people with effective communication skills.

To meet the expectation above, we believe this course is a constructive method. Effective public speaking and leadership skills could increase the chance of every person getting a better career opportunity. To prepare these talents, leadership training, workshops, and hands-on skill training are also no less important for them to develop. There could be many people who are talented and qualified in their fields, but do not get the chance to brand themselves. Lastly, this problem brings us to questions that we would like to address:

  1. Why does effective communication matter for leaders and emerging leaders?

 Effective communication is how to get a message across without being misconstrued. It is to inform the audience and persuade them to embrace the point of view and challenge them to take action. It becomes very important for leaders and emerging leaders because they are more likely to be called to give speeches and talks. Therefore, we believe that communication skills is one of the most important things to be a better leader and create more opportunities in professional life. Thus, we come up with the following question:

  1. What are the fundamental ways to enhance a professional career through the ability of public speaking?

Public speaking development and leadership training are two fundamental ways enhance professional career. When leaders speak to inform and persuade, they also need leadership skil to create a vision for themselves and inspire others to achieve common goals in their careers or any related circumstances. This program is not only focusing on making the participant become a great communicator but also becoming an inspiring leader. We believe that every participant has to know their talents, learn how to adapt, know how to communicate in a proper way, have a vision for themselves, and know how to overcome problems. Therefore, this program combines leadership training and direct learning approaches to construct their professional development.

With ever-growing soft skill development, this course is designed for young leaders, mid-career, executive professionals aged 18-45 years old from tri-sectors who have the willingness to enhance their public speaking skills to win and inspire more people. 

This program is planned to be started in the mid of 2023. 
Batch 1: 
Online Workshop : 22nd to 26th of May 2023
Offline Workshop : 27th to 28th of May 2023
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