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Monday, August 08, 2016
Gajah Tunggal Group Human Resources Conference

The world today is facing vulnerability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity situation where individual and organizational levels need to overcome the situation innovatively and creatively. These situations could limit not only individual in meeting their aspiration but also organizational in meeting their business objective. The key to manage these situations is by having vision, understanding, clarity, and agility which lies in capability of human capital to realize them.

As one of the leading economic players in Asia, Gajah Tunggal Group realizes that this the moment for transformation for all business players in Gajah Tunggal Group, especially for HR stakeholders, in the way of thinking and working in this increasingly complex 21st century. This is an era where the role of HR in any company can no longer be limited to administrative support, but more importantly as a strategic business partner.Therefore together with United In Diversity (UID) Foundation and Gajah Tunggal Group (GTG) held GTG Human Resources Conference on Saturday, 30 April 2016.

In the one-day conference, UID facilitators Shobi Lawalata and Frans Sugiarta lead the participants to engage and share ideas about Sustainability-Oriented Solutions (SOS) in the 21st century business practice. One of inspirational stories came from Bojonegoro Regent, Drs. Suyoto, M.Si., in which he shared about his experiences transforming Bojonegoro through its human capital in both public sector and education. The transformation process brings fruitful efforts where he could transform the unknown and unexplored Bojonegoro in the past to be one of the national champions in human development index and economic growth as well as to be one of leading regencies in Indonesia.

Align with the spirit and the aspiration of the conference, Former Minister of Trade, Tourism and Creative Economy, Dr. Mari Elka Pangestu shared about the role of creative economy and the use of digital technology in business strategies and operations. She highlighted the importance of technology where human have been moving from the first revolution industry of agricultural, second revolution industry of industrial, third revolution industry of technological into the fourth revolution industry of creative economy where it takes place at the moment. Other inspirational speakers on Insightful Talk Session on GTG HR Conference were one of UID?s senior faculty, Dr. Ben Chan and from Samsung Indonesia. Both are echoing the important of entrepreneurship spirit within GTG?s organization and the use of technology to help mobility of the organization.

Highlighting the keynote from GTG Executive Committee, Ms. Cherie Nursalim, the conference aims to elevate synergy and intensify communication among GTG companies. Hence, the equality of collaborations and coordination in supporting each other within a harmonious and healthy working environment can be achieved. In supporting this aspiration, UID?s facilitator, Shobi Lawalata, Frans Sugiarta, Dr. Ben Chan, and along with other facilitators led the Learning Dialogue Small Groups session focusing on five topics such as recruitment and selection, employee engagement and retention, industrial relation and quality management, learning and development, and business transformation. At the end of the session, each group was being coached to create their own prototype by utilizing mobile application. By the end of the conference, the participants came out with new insights to create innovative prototypes that can be applied in their companies. Going forward, GTG Corporate HR & Training-Development will follow-up this activity by conducting further programs that aim to enhance knowledge and implementation of HR function to achieve professional and qualified GTG HR function.

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