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Thursday, May 12, 2016
UID Launched FLIP and SLOT Program

FLIP and SLOT are born out of UID?s desire to support transformation at the personal level. The programs are open to the general public, for participants from all sectors and at all level of leadership who wish to take their learning and leadership capacity to the next level.

The first program, SLOT, is designed for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the concept and practices of Learning Organization in navigating modern challenges. UID believes that Peter Senge?s prominent work on organizational learning, especially the ability to see challenges from a holistic, systemic perspective, is more relevant than ever in the increasingly complex 21st century. So SLOT combines Prof. Senge?s ?The Fifth Discipline? substance with UID?s own interactive action learning methods, in the hope that the modules will allow our participants lead their organization to stay relevant in these highly turbulent times.

The first two SLOT modules on 26 April and 4 May focused on Learning Organization Overview and Systems Thinking as a Concept. The next SLOT will take place on May 18th and will focus on using Systems Thinking as a Language.

The second program, FLIP, focuses on creating facilitators who possess the capacity to guide a group of diverse participants to collectively create results that truly matter. UID believes that the need for collective intelligence is even more important in this digital and complex era, and therefore the role of facilitators are very critical, be it in situations within or across organizations. Lead by UID?s own facilitators Frans Sugiarta and Dr. Ben Chan, the program builds on decades of experience in facilitating Presencing-based processes in complex, multi-stakeholder context. By using our interactive learning methods, UID hopes that FLIP will allow our participants to sharpen various aspects of core facilitation skills such as designing a positive learning environment, deep listening, building authentic relationships, inquiring with powerful questions, and meaningful communication.

The first two sessions of FLIP focused on shifting the participants ?From Teaching to Facilitating?, and on Serving Various Learning Needs to cater to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. The next session on May 18th will focus on bringing one?s presence as an authentic facilitator.

Interested in joining? Find more info on FLIP and SLOT here:

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