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Thursday, January 21, 2016
Series of Activities: SDG's Localization and Action

Promoting the theme on "SDG's Localization and Action", UID is preparing series of activities on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by engaging tri-sectors in Indonesia. The series of activities will intensively be conducted starting on January to May 2016. It will begin by conducting the Innovative, Dynamic, Education and Action for Sustainability (IDEAS) Dialogue Studio at the end of January, a regular program facilitated by UID by engaging leaders in tri-sectors to collaboratively step forward to help Indonesia to confront its complex challenges.

The upcoming IDEAS Dialogue Studio is going to focus on understanding and implementation of Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) in the context of Indonesia. It also aims to answer how we can enlarge other sectors participation in this issue and which area that needs more attention in the context of Indonesia? And how we can accelerate creating Sustainable Oriented Solutions (SOS) in Indonesia.

In addition to SDSN, UID is developing a basic leadership development program with Paramadina University named L2DP Basic. L2DP Basic is designed to facilitate leadership development for leaders in public, private, and civil society organization sector according to their needs. The upcoming L2DP Basic will help to facilitate leadership development program of South Sumatera Provincial Government in preparing the Asian Games 2018. (More update about this event on February edition)

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