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Monday, July 06, 2015
SDSN SEA Meeting with Australia Climate Works "Green Building"

ClimateWorks, in partnership with SDSN SEA, the Institute of Technology Bandung and the Green Building Council of Indonesia is developing a project to share knowledge on commercial buildings energy efficiency. The project is funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and arose out of a workshop run earlier this year in Jakarta by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The goals of this project are:
1.Knowledge sharing: Provide an opportunity for Indonesian and Australian stakeholders working on commercial building energy efficiency to share knowledge and experience
2.Collaboration: Identify opportunities for collaboration by Strengthening relationships between Australian and Indonesian stakeholders
3.Co-ordination: Provide a ?big picture? perspective on the activities taking place in Indonesia and Australia on commercial building energy efficiency in order to identify gaps and help co-ordination of future efforts
4.Implementation: Establish commitments from workshop participants to progress a small number of tangible activities following the workshop

The project will involve:
1.Scoping: Work collaboratively with relevant stakeholders to scope the approach and coordinate efforts
2.Issues paper: ClimateWorks and its partners will identify key issues and participants for the workshops in this issues paper;
3.Study tour: Two Indonesian experts will be invited to Australia on a study tour in September 2015 to meet a wider group of Australian stakeholders, and both share their knowledge and experience, and learn from what?s happening in Australia to inform activity in Indonesia.
4.Workshop: A workshop will be run in Jakarta on 6 October 2015, with the goal of sharing updates on progress in both Indonesia and Australia, discussion of common challenges and opportunities, and reaching agreement about next steps and future collaboration.
5.Report: ClimateWorks will write a report on the project, record the next steps and future commitments from workshop participants, circulate these to workshop participants and work to seek funding for implementation of priority initiatives.

The workshop will involve experts and academics, property sector (developers, architects, engineers, builders), finance, government and NGOs - from both Australia and Indonesia.

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