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Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Reinventing Education For The 21st Century

Minister of Education, Anies Baswedan gave opening speech in Prof. Otto's General Lecture

Creating Future Transformational Leaders: MoU Signing with Paramadina University and Public Lecture by Prof. Otto Scharmer
The massive institutional failures and disruptive changes at the beginning of the 21st century confront leaders across systems with challenges of a new order of magnitude. These challenges hold the seeds for profound societal innovation while also holding the possibility of massive suffering and destruction. Whether it's one or the other depends on the capacity of leaders at all levels to rise to the occasion and to reframe problems into opportunities for system-wide renewal. Various movements and initiatives for profound social, economic, political, and educational transformation are now more present than ever before, however a global platform is needed to connect changemakers and cultivators to share their experience and learn collectively.

Based on this awareness, a few thought leaders including MIT's Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge, Harvard's Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, and Case Western's David Cooperider, McGill's Henry Mintzberg, among others are developing a platform-dubbed u.school-by expanding and evolving an early stage global network of regional Hubs, dubbed u.lab. Each of these Hubs is going to integrate three types of knowledge: technical knowledge (know-what), practical knowledge (know-how) and transformation knowledge (knowing-who: know your emerging self).
In January 2015, Prof. Otto Scharmer launched the first U.Lab on MITx, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for capacity building that for the first time ever combined a learning platform with a global movement. The course saw participation from 28,000 people and 190 countries globally, and more than 350 hubs sprung to connect participants across sociocultural systems. U.Lab also produced 700-1,000 coaching circles that enabled global changemakers to learn from and support each other. An overwhelming majority of the participants were satisfied with the program with 52% stating that the program changed their perspectives while another 36% felt that the course transformed their lives. The ripple effect continues as the hundreds or even thousands of prototypes created from this course by local groups and hubs continue to develop.

During his public lecture at Paramadina University on July 1st 2015, Otto explained that u.school's global network of Hubs is in the process of being co-created by institutional partners from civil society, government, and business, and by a growing community of global thought leaders and inspired change-makers. Together, these partners will explore, test, and conceptualize how to advance economic, democratic, and educational institutions in ways that address the three divides that are the signature of our time: (1) the ecological divide: the growing footprint of the Industrial Age that currently requires about 1.5 Earths to support our rate of extraction of natural resources and impact on ecosystems; (2) the social divide: the increasing social polarization, fragmentation, and gaps between haves and have-nots; and (3) the spiritual divide: the increased level of stress, anxiety, burnout, unhappiness, or suicide and other symptoms of loss of connection to our essence.

Prof. Otto Scharmer

Excerpt from Minister
Indonesia's Minister of Education & Culture, HE Anies Baswedan, opened the lecture with a keynote speech in which he called for reform in Indonesia's education to include the 4C in teaching (Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration), strengthening the teachers quality, and massive bureaucratic reform in the Ministry of Education.

Prof. Firmanzah, Rector of Paramadina University, emphasized that this partnership signals Paramadina's and UID's commitment to the improvement of Indonesia?s leadership quality, one that places great value in the spirit of servitude, integrity, and honesty, while at the same time embraces diversity and Indonesia?s social, cultural, and ecological integrity.

Through L2DP, Paramadina University and United in Diversity would like to invite Indonesia's future leaders to join in on a learning journey that will take them to see the world with a fresh perspective and help them to transform the Self, Business, and Society. This journey will also provide them an opportunity to experience firsthand the very core concepts that make up the u.school framework, designed for practitioners who apply awareness-based social technologies in their work on transformation and change.

Paramadina and UID are committing to a 5-year partnership starting with the launch of Learning Leadership Development Program (L2DP)

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