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Thursday, August 06, 2015
Towards Wider Social Impact: Facilitators Learning Program (FLiP)

It is said that like farming, the cultivation of transformation needs the four ?S? to flourish: Seed (the emerging awareness), Soil (the place), Steward (the person), and Season (the things beyond our control). It would seem that the year 2015 brings the right Season for UID, opening up more cracks and opportunities to create a better common future for Indonesia and the planet as a whole. In responding to that challenge, UID set its intention and attention towards developing more Learning Facilitators so it can serve more people and organizations in their learning, widen its social impact, and collectively bring about more systemic changes in society.

That intention was translated into a program called Facilitators Learning Program (FLiP), a 6-module learning journey designed and led by UID?s Senior Facilitator Frans Sugiarta to strengthen the facilitation skills of UID?s future faculty members. The program consisted of classroom sessions designed to strengthen the theoretical and philosophical understanding of UID?s future facilitators, balanced with microteaching challenges that will allow them to sharpen various aspects of their facilitation skills such as authenticity, stage presence, and the art of asking the right questions. Equally importantly, because practice is the only real path towards authenticity, the sessions serve as a reminder and a coaching clinic for any potential facilitators to support their continued learning and practice of The U process and The Learning Organization.

True to the U spirit of acting in an instant, the program is currently being prototyped with 16 of IDEAS alumni from all four cohorts as the first test participants. The inclusion of IDEAS graduates was a strategic decision that reflects UID?s hope to be able to provide support and opportunity to alumni that wish to take their mastery of the U process to the next level so they can spread the transformation more effectively in their respective circles of influence. Going forward, UID hopes to adopt FLiP as the basis of any future facilitators development for its faculty such that it will have a quality line-up of skilled facilitators to support the learning and transformation of Indonesia.

Kemal Soeriawidjaja (IDEAS fellow) performed his facilitation skill to other FLiP participants

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