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Monday, January 20, 2014
Tribute to Nelson Mandela

United in Diversity and Nelson Mandela..
I will never forget the day when I first met Nelson Mandela. My husband Enki Tan and I were part of a Global Philanthropic Circle delegation led by David Rockefeller and his inspiring daughter Peggy Dulany, founder of Synergos Institute and inspiration behind our United in Diversity foundation.

We were in South Africa to visit the Robben Island prison, aids hospitals and inspiring work by business with marginalized communities in South Africa. In an unforgettable dinner where Nelson Mandela was seated at the table, he stood up to salute de Klerk sitting on the same table and genuinely thanked him for letting him out of jail, he manifested the finest of magnanimity and humanity, the golden heart of a lion. It moved us all.

December 6, 2013 is a day that marks the passing of Nelson Mandela. It is also the 10 years anniversary of our United in Diversity forum founding with a dream for building trust for our common future in Indonesia engaging with the world. We mourn the significance of a legend in our era. It has been our honour to co-host at Alun Alun Indonesia a remembrance and exhibition of Nelson Mandela Dec 19 - Jan 7, 2013 with South African Ambassador to Indonesia. Attached below speeches of Nelson Mandela who shared in Indonesia's philosophy of "Unity in Diversity" in his addresses when he visited Jakarta in 1997 and in his final address to South African parliament in 2004.

A film in remembrance of global hero Nelson Mandela intimately called "Madiba" was featured. The film was produced by independent journalist Danny Schechter who played a role in the release of Nelson Mandela.

It has been an honour to meet and honour special and brave peoples of South Africa as well as courageous friends of Madiba like the Rockefellers and Danny Schechter who continue to champion causes for many around the world. Our lives have been changed and enriched by uniting inspiring women and men across diversity, races, religions, cultures, nationalities.

Indonesians and humanity of all colours mourn with you South Africa and may we live Madiba's words in our daily lives.
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