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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
UID Newsletter 1st Quarter 2008

Dear friends,
Welcome to the 9th volume of our newsletter!

As a kick-off event for 2008, UID held an annual meeting on 9 January. During this event, we reviewed our works in 2007 and revealed our plans for this year. In particular, we will continue to focus on three areas: leadership education, community development, and publications.

We are about to admit the first batch of participants for our IDEAS (Innovative, Dynamic Education and Action for Sustainability) program! At the same time, our team, led by Dr Ben Chan and Frans Sugiarta, has conducted several workshops for organizations and corporations on the theme of Crossing the Chasm: Moving Toward a Learning Organization? (focusing on understanding complexities).

The aim of these workshops is to introduce to leaders and organizations across sectors "Systems Thinking" as a profound tool with which to learn and understand systems complexities, which have become vital in our globalized era because of increasing interdependency across sectors.

Through these series of workshops, our team seizes the opportunity to engage their participants in learning about the IDEAS program and also introduce them to the U ?Process, the backbone of IDEAS Indonesia program.

As our preparation for the launch of IDEAS this year continues, we plan to conduct more of these workshops in organizations across the public sector, private sector and civil society.

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