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United in Diversity (UID) is proud to present IDEAS Indonesia (Innovative Dynamic Education and Action for Sustainability) Indonesia as a way to help Indonesia confront its challenges more effectively.

Bridging Leadership for Our Common Future
The world, as well as Indonesia, face urgent and compelling challenges, such as: economic, social, ecological, political and natural disasters, which require concerted actions. The question that leaders is encountering.

"What new leadership attributes are needed to shift our current economic paradigm from an Ego-centric Model (i.e. privatizing profits while socializing losses) to an Eco-centric Model (i.e. igniting significant movements from transactional to transformative relationship) that collectively creates people's well-being?"

For Indonesia to sustain its forward movement towards her national goals of peace and equitable growth, it is essential for the government, private sector (businesses) and the civil society (NGOs) to shift from exclusion to inclusion relationships and collectively manage these challenges

IDEAS (Innovative, Dynamic, Education and Action for Sustainability) - Indonesia Program opens such opportunities. It engages leaders across sectors to jointly step forward and take on Indonesia's complex challenges of conservation, education and business/social enterprise by going through a profound learning process. Together they identify the root causes and collectively develop a closer relationship to work together and evolve commitments to implement the solutions that are co-created.

IDEAS emerged from the United in Diversity (UID) Conference in Bali, in 2003, which was attended by 400 national and global leaders. They came together to forge consolidated actions to support and achieve Indonesia's sustainable development.

The importance of this work has engaged the interest and commitment of several of the world's top professionals such as Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Using a new social technology called the 'U Process' (www.presencing.com).

IDEAS Program brings multi-stakeholders together - bridging relationships and building networks. The U-Process facilitates multi-stakeholder groups to collectively experience deeper levels of learning to make systemic interventions - firstly through personal inner transformation and subsequently applying the Process to group decision making, and co-evolving actions that create significant results both within one's organizations and communities.

IDEAS is a MIT Executive Education Program. It is offered to Tri-sector leaders in Indonesia by UID, MIT Sloan School of Management, Society of Organizational Learning and the Presencing Institute.

MIT and UID invite nominations from senior corporate executives, leaders of Not-for-Profit organizations and Government Ministries to learn, work collectively and evolve the future that we want to see in Indonesia.

Participants across sectors will learn and apply the U-Process as a driver for bridging leadership. Consequently, they learn to craft innovative strategies for transformation that create extensive networks and shaping the future through their individual and collective efforts.

IDEAS-Indonesia is a "discovery" learning journey that provides leaders with real-world learning environment from which they will acquire competence, to manage solutions for emerging complexities.

Who can benefit as an IDEAS - Indonesia Fellow?
  • Current leaders who, if appropriately connected, can and will be able to create profound innovation and change in their companies and organizations.

  • Second generation leaders who possess high potential to hold a top management or executive leadership position in their companies/organizations within the next 5-7 years.

  • Individuals with significant experience in leading, creating change and desire to make a difference by contributing innovatively to both their organization and community.

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