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IDEAS Dialogue #3 with Prof. Mari Elka Pangestu

Reconnecting and co-inspiring through IDEAS Dialogue Studio
IDEAS Indonesia has graduated 120 fellows over its four cohorts, and the growing network of alumni is a conglomeration of top leaders from the three sectors (government, business, civil society) that represent a diversity of fields, disciplines, and industries. They all share the common thread of having gone through the transformative process of Theory U, making them equipped with the skills needed to work across organizational boundaries and to lead from the emerging future. Altogether this network comprises a huge amount of collective capacity, and so to harness its power UID places itself as a holder of space for trust and dialogue among IDEAS Indonesia fellows to allow them to connect to their sources of learning and be inspired to continue to co-create.

One way UID holds the space for trust and dialogue is by organizing IDEAS Dialogue Studio, a quarterly event where fellows can come to learn from each other and have meaningful, generative dialogue. While this program had been dormant in the last year, between the months of June and August, UID has put together three dialogue studios, in collaboration with IDEAS fellows in the hosting process. Dialogue Studio #1 was hosted by Ms. Chaerany Putri (IDEAS 4.0, business sector) at her coworking space TierSpace in Senopati area on June 3, 2015. When IDEAS’ beloved guru Prof. Otto Scharmer came to visit for IDEAS 5.0, fellows were once again invited to reconnect for IDEAS Dialogue Studio #2, hosted at Palalada restaurant by IDEAS 2.0 alumna Catharina Widjaja. And on 20 August 2015, IDEAS Dialogue Studio #3 welcomed special guest Ibu Prof. Mari Pangestu, once again at Palalada restaurant. Attendance throughout the three studios has been at a steady rate of 20-30 fellows.

Going forward, in 2016 UID has committed to holding quarterly Dialogue Studio for IDEAS fellows as a form of our dedication towards supporting our fellows’ learning and co-creation.

IDEAS Dialogue #1 Report
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IDEAS Dialogue #2 Report
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