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Universitas Islam Negeri - Sri Mulyati
Research work on UID theme.
Support for 'Women Bridgers'.

For Drug Free Indonesia(YCAB) - Veronica Colondam
UID features YCAB as role model for bridging NGO, private sector and government.
UID case study and provides support for raising network and profile of YCAB initiative.
Support programs including reconstruction of 250 houses in remote land of Aceh post Tsunami

Cornerstone - Sita Supomo
Development of workshop for facilitating 'bridgers' during gahering and beyond
Develop website for Cornerstone.

Kalyana Shira Film and Jajang C Noer
Short movie dedicated to promote trust across diverse sectors of Indonesia.
Documentary on UID international gathering, and research effort to promote UID spirit.

Centre of Strategic and International Studies - Hadi Soesastro, Arya Gaduh
Hosting book launch for WEF 'Indonesia matters' where several UID steering committee and UID members are featured.
To explore research work on UID website.

Bali Artist - Made Wianta
Art ritual and publications that bridge divides and interests after Bali and Jakarta bombings.

Tsu Chi Foundation
volunteer emergency medical team and support for medical equipments.
Providing essential professional medical aid for helping survivors and the familly hurt by the tsunamis in Aceh.

MIT Sloan School of Management
Co-founder Forum.
Speakers for the Conference gathering
Development of program by MIT Professor for failitating 'bridgers'.
Development of Tri-sectors leadership executive program with MIT professor and tasks starting with Universities in Indonesia

World Economic Forum
Indonesia briefings with World Economic Forum during their regional Summits to enhance international understanding of diverse sectors of Indonesia and vice versa.

Conservation International - Peter Seligmann
UID features Conservation International as case study and role model between civil society, private sector and government
To develop joint research and education programs for sustainable conservation, including promoting knowledge based aquac
UID supports Conservation International Indonesia Tsunami Relief efforts working with local NGOs.

Millennium Institute - Jed Shilling
Millenium institute will provide support research resources to UID System Dynamic Modelling.
Conduct workshop at Forum engaging multi-stakeholders.

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