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As invisible as it may seem, a most challenging issue for Indonesia is an increasing lack of trust and cooperation among business, the public sector, and civil society. Realizing this as an impediment to Indonesia's progress, UID organized the Building Trust for Our Common Future conference in Bali in 2003.

With a comprehensive program covering a wide range of issues, this event had 500 participants and a group of notable speakers from Indonesia and abroad, including:
Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur)
Alvin Toffler
Eisuke Sakakibara
Jusuf Kalla
Lester Thurow
Megawati Sukarnoputri
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

The purpose of the Bali conference was to ignite discussion of trust as an essential element of Indonesia's progress.UID hopes to have encouraged, and continues to work with, leaders from the three sectors to cooperate with one another for the betterment of Indonesia.


With its wealth of resources and potentials, Indonesia is capable of becoming an advanced nation. This dream can and will not come true, however, without commitment from each Indonesian citizen as well as strong and capable leadership of Indonesians who are in positions to make changes for a better Indonesia.

Young Indonesian leaders, or change agents, from the three sectors have resources and potentials with which to lead Indonesia. Nevertheless, they have yet to develop the capacity that they need to change Indonesia for the better. To facilitate this learning process, UID has been working with MIT Sloan School of Management and cross-sector partners to build IDEAS Indonesia (Inovative, Dynamics, Education and Action for Sustainability) program.

The purpose of IDEAS Indonesia is to cultivate in Indonesian executives with high leadership potential the capacity to address Indonesia’s economic, social, ecological, and political challenges at national, regional, and organizational levels.


Another pillar of our mission is community development. To make them meaningful, our projects in community development are implemented with comprehensiveness and sustainability. Working with international and Indonesian organizations from the three sectors, our projects focus on the following areas:

Disaster relief

Post-disaster reconstruction


Assisting persons with disabilities
Elementary education

Hygiene and public health

Environmental conservation

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