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Learning Organic Farming through FAN LEARN
Climate change as a result of human activities that are less friendly environment is something we cannot avoid. Indirect impacts for human life as a result of climate change, among others befall agriculture, forestry, health, marine, water resources, and the loss of some species on earth.

From this background, Community Learning Center (CLC), which became one of UID divisions have developed Mentari Housing Sentul Bogor region into a place of learning environment and organic farming, known as FAN LEARN.

FAN LEARN is an introduction program to the nature and learning organic farming which emphasizes the principles of ecology in the long-term utilization of the environment. The program is addressed to all levels of society, beginning from children to adults. This program is aimed to encourage and enhancecommunity participation in efforts to conserve nature and the environment. In addition, through a series of FAN LEARN program, participants mainly among the children, can learn to socialize and communicate and unyielding to face the challenges.

The FAN LEARNN programs that CLC offered to visitors consists three types, namely Kids FAN LEARN, Teenagers FAN LEARN and Family FAN LEARN. Kids FAN LEARN is aimed to students of pre-elementary and elementary school, Teenagers FAN LEARN intended for middle and high school students, and then Familiy FAN LEARN intended for family visitors and companies. The output of each programs is different, but in generally they have same activities that could visitors learn. Visitor have able to learn tree and vegetable organic planting, composting, plant nursery, harvesting, cattle fattening and fishery.

LEARN FAN activities held at Mentari Sentul Resort Complex, Desa Cijayanti, District Babakan Madang, Bogor regency. Sentul itself has an important role in the region as water conservation areas and corridors for wild animals from urban areas to the mountains. Minor damage in the Sentul area will greatly affect the surrounding cities including Jakarta. LEARN FAN program became one of the contributions to the preservation of nature in Sentul.

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