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2014 Workshop Welcome Remark Day 1 Day 2 Pledges Press Release

Partnership for Solutions
Priorities and Pathways for Sustainable Energy and Deep Decarbonization in Indonesia

Proposals/project(s) for future work including pledges of support
During 2 days workshop leaders and experts from academia, government, business and civil society discussed Indonesia's future sustainable development, and to develop plans for collaborative solutions initiatives into 5 breakout group:

Transportation Group
Chaired by Nugroho Indrio, Senior advisor to Minister of Transportation, Republic of Indonesia; facilitated by Tatang Henas Soerawidjaja, Indonesia Academy of Science.

Our vision and commitment:
Are too unstable initiatives to develop domestic Indonesian resources and technologies, and to exploit best practice International experience, to build a fully sustainable, integrated transport solution for Indonesia. We will work with community, government, leading researchers and industrial stakeholders to ensure the efficient design and implementations of the solutions.

Our leading recommendation are presented in the SDSN Transport Group's list of initiatives.

Deep Decarbonisation (National Targets) Group
Chaired by John Thwaites, Chair of Climate Works Australia and Monash Sustainability Institute and Professor at Monash University; Expert remarks by Carl Mas, SDSN Manager for the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project; Expert remarks by Paul Chambers, Senior Energy Adviser in the UK Climate Change Unit of British Embassy.

Our vision and commitments:
Our vision is to achieve low emissions development through decarbonisation in all sectors-power, transport, industry and buildings. Energy will be used efficiently and available to all citizens including rural and remote communities to support economic prosperity.

We commit to working together on improving buildings and appliances standards, conducting collaborative research on solar and storage, assisting capacity building for local government for mitigation planning and assessment, sharing best practices and lesson learnt from work on industrial and transport energy efficiency in other countries.

Urban Development/Islands Sustainability Group
Chaired by Mari Elka Pangestu, Former Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy and Professor at University of Indonesia; Expert remarks by Ainsley Mann of Swire Properties.

Our vision and commitments
1. 100% electrification of remote islands and areas by 2025 maximising the use of renewable energy
2. Implement waste to energy in Bali to reduce the waste disposal site by 75% by 2025
3. Strengthen building regulations to best practice standards to reduce building energy consumption
4. Introduce waste water recycling in a low cost apartment development in Jakarta

Renewable Energy Group
Expert remarks by Robert Blake, US Ambassador; Chaired by Hilary McMahon, Director of Research, Carbon War Room.

Our vision and commitment:
VISION: Increase the use of renewable resources to 23% by 2025 through implementation of diverse, renewable technologies using local resources thereby providing affordable, universally accesable and socially and environmentally acceptable energy

COMMITMENT: Integrate renewable resources ON and OFF grid through incentives, education, coordination and technology solutions.

Roadmap for creating full market integration for renewable energy:
- National incentives (tax. etc) for Renewable energy
- Economic assessment for the electrification of transport in cities
- Development of building codes including energy efficiency and renewable energy in Jakarta
- Standard guidelines for renewables and education strategy for policy makers and public

Sustainable Tourism and Energy Group
Chaired by David Makes, SDSN Indonesia representative; Expert remarks by Kenneth Lee, CEO of Green Koncepts

Our vision and commitment:
Government commitment to support production of sustainable energy within protected areas and private sector pledge to work with governtment to develop energy efficiency measures with incentives + enforcement to support this

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