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2014 Workshop Welcome Remark Day 1 Day 2 Pledges Press Release

Partnership for Solutions
Priorities and Pathways for Sustainable Energy and Deep Decarbonization in Indonesia

Day 1: Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Session 1: Welcome and scene-setting
Mari Elka Pangestu, SDSN Leadership Council, Professor of Economics University of Indonesia and former Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy.
John Thwaites, SDSN Leadership Council, Chair of Climate Works Australia and Monash Sustainability Institute.

Setting the scene:
Amory Lovins, Chairman/Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute (video).

Jatna Supriatna, Chairman of the Research Center on Climate Change University of Indonesia and SDSN Indonesia Chairman.

Opening Remarks by:
Minister of Environment & Forestry, Republic of Indonesia.

Panel of success stories:
Biowaste: Adi Surjosatyo, Professor, University of Indonesia.
Micro hydro: Agus Widianto, Executive Director of Yayasan Bina Usaha Linghungan.
Hivos Sumba Island case: Shelly Cheong-Holdaway, Green Adviser of Hivos Regional Office Southeast Asia

Session Lead: Rahimah Abdulrahim

Session 2: What does a sustainable energy future for Indonesia look like?
1. What does an economically/socially/environmentally sustainable energy future in Indonesia looks like?
2. Where should Indonesia be aiming to get to in 2050?
3. What sustainable energy goals and targets should it aim for?

Plenary Chair:
Nur Pamudji, President Director of Indonesia Power (PLN)

Ucok Siagian, Chairman of Petroleum Engineering Department, Bandung Institute of Technology.
Howard Bamsey, Adjunct Professor, Australian National University.
Dave Griggs, Chief Executive Officer of ClimateWorks Australia, and Director of the Monash Sustainability Institute.
Herman Darnel Ibrahim, President of ICEES, the Indonesian Counterpart for Energy and Environmental Studies.

Session Lead: Triarko Nurlambang

Remarks by:
Governor of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

Session 3: Donors Panel
What are the existing initiatives and future funding for sustainable energy initiatives or schemes for Indonesia?

Plenary Chair:
Bambang Brodjonegoro, Minister of Finance, Republic of Indonesia

Muchsin Qadir, Energy Specialist, The World Bank Group
Richard Price, Research Director, Australia-Indonesia Centre
Budi Kuncoro, Green Prosperity Director, Millennium Challenge Account (MCA).
Felia Salim, SDSN Regional council, Vice President Director, Bank Negara Indonesia

Q & A
Session Lead: Cherie Nursalim

Briefing for Breakout Groups by UID and Carbon War Room
Transportation Group:
Chaired by Nugroho Indrio, Senior advisor to Minister of Transportation, Republic of Indonesia; facilitated by Tatang Henas Soerawidjaja, Indonesia Academy of Science.

Deep Decarbonization (National Targets) Group:
Chaired by John Thwaites, Chair of Climate Works Australia and Monash Sustainability Institute and Professor at Monash University; Expert remarks by Carl Mas, SDSN Manager for the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project; Expert remarks by Paul Chambers, Senior Energy Adviser in the UK Climate Change Unit of British Embassy.

Urban Development/Islands Sustainability Group:
Chaired by Mari Elka Pangestu, Former Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy and Professor at University of Indonesia; Expert remarks by Ainsley Mann of Swire Properties.

Renewable Energy Group:
Expert remarks by Robert Blake, US Ambassador; Chaired by Hilary McMahon, Director of Research, Carbon War Room.

Sustainable Tourism and Energy Group:
Chaired by David Makes, SDSN Indonesia representative; Expert remarks by Kenneth Lee, CEO of Green Koncepts

Proposals/project(s) for future work including pledges of support.

Session Lead:
Desi Anwar

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