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2014 Workshop Welcome Remark Day 1 Day 2 Pledges Press Release

Welcome to Indonesia and to the "Partnership for Solutions" SDSN Regional Workshop and UID-SDSN Award 2.0 Dinner.

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry is proud to be partner to the United Nation's global initiative Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) ASEAN Regional hub launched last year at the APEC in Bali. The Indonesian President Jokowi Widodo has committed to reducing the fuel subsidies that stood at US$27billion. He is also committed to focusing on the maritime and creating efficiency and economy for Indonesians across the17,000 islands of Indonesia.

This workshop aims to explore the solutions that would support a cleaner and more sustainable energy with existing technology already successfully applied both within Indonesia and internationally. We welcome experts and solutions providers from the ASEAN region, Australia, as well as China, America and Europe.

Over the 2 days we have set up workshops to encourage you to interact to find solutions to the issues of sustainable energy and deep decarbonization in Indonesia from transportation, urban and islands sustainability, to sustainable tourism and renewables.

Indonesia has led the way last APEC in its commitment to deep decarbonization and to reduce its CO2 emissions as part of a global effort to stay within the internationally agreed target of 2oC. To that end, we have set our goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 26% till 2020.

At the same time we target to address the urgent need of investments in the energy infrastructure; which includes energy supply, production, and transmission. Indonesia has taken strong steps to support small independent power producers with a dedicated framework; which includes the support via feed-in-tariffs as well as streamlined approval processes. This delivers the necessary certainty to small independent power producers to develop, construct and operate renewable energy installations.

We now see the need to attract long-term capital into these small-scale projects. We see a substantial demand for project-finance debt and creative financial mechanisms to be made available to this sector. We therefore appreciate the initiative of international private sector investors to invest in Indonesia including small-scale renewable energy projects that are developed by local small-to medium scale enterprises.

"Partnering for Solutions" SDSN Regional Workshop is organized jointly with United in Diversity Forum and University of Indonesia, in partnership with Monash University and Carbon War Room, with sponsorship from GT Group, Australia-Indonesia Center and Harold Mitchell Foundation among others.

Let us join our heads, hands and hearts particularly in the region to endorse partnerships for solutions!

H.E. Siti Nurbaya,
Minister of Environment & Forestry, Republic of Indonesia

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