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Asian Science Enterprise Challenge (ASEC)
YUID cooperated with Surya Institute to bring the annual regional entrepreneurial competition Asian Science Enterprise Challenge (ASEC). ASEC is a competition for youth aged 16 - 21 from various Asian countries to solve a challenge in 24 hours by adopting science and technology.

The winning solution not only shows novelty in tackling the challenge at hand, but also has the best strategy to profitably and sustainably market and deliver the proposed product/service. UID hoped that participating in this competition will spark interest in today's youth to become future leaders and technopreneurs by marrying technology and enterprising. We also hope that the competition improved their understanding of the many ways science and technology can be beneficial to society.

The students intently listen to a briefing during National Science Enterprise Challenge

National Science Enterprise Challenge (NaSEC)
Participant from numbers of schools from all over Indonesia, including special needs and under-privileged students, worked in teams of 5-6 people to find an innovative and commercially viable solution in the country. After receiving the challenge, teams have 24 hours to work together to find a solution, create a business plan to market their product/service, and put together a presentation to deliver their solution to the judges.

Each team is provided with a starting capital of Rp 300.000, which they are to use to build a 3D prototype to visualize their solution. At the end of the 24 hours, all presentations are video taped, and videos of the two best solutions are then submitted to represent Indonesia in ASEC.

Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC)
The Global Enterprise Challenge was founded in 2001 by Gordon McVie from Scottish Enter-prise and Ken Baker from Enterprise New Zealand Trust. Formerly known as the Enterprise Olympics, the competition has inspired many other similar competitions on a regional level, including ASEC. Currently 16 countries participate in the competition, involving up to 2000 students from 140 schools world-wide.

Indonesia's participation in GEC started in the year 2008. The following year, Indonesia's dele-gate to GEC succeeded in winning the competition, which earned us the honour of hosting 2010 GEC.

As with the previous years, 2011's delegation to GEC was put together by forming a super team of six students chosen from the two NaSEC winning teams. Although we were unsuccessful in securing the top spot this year, nevertheless the students had fun in the process, and learned invaluable skills in collaborating and enterprising.

GEC 2011 participants posing for group photo at the Singapore hub.

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