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Introduce the Balanced Scorecard to Indonesia
Professor Dr. Robert S. Kaplan from Harvard University is one of the co-creators of the Balanced Scorecard approach, along with his colleague David Norton. The Balanced Scorecard Concept is a management tool that is used to align a company's current actions to its long-term goals. Since the method was introduced in 1992, a variety of large and small companies around the world have adopted the Balanced Scorecard approach and benefited from the improvements in goal-setting, communicating, and monitoring of company progress against those goals.

YUID invited Prof. Kaplan to Jakarta on January 13, 2012 to introduce the Balanced Scorecard to Indonesia, and contribute to the improvement of best practices here. Through this Balanced Scorecard campaign, YUID hopes that Indonesian organizations - including government, business, and other forms of social entrepreneurships - can be more effective and efficient. Kaplan's one-day workshop was attended by almost 600 participants who were mostly business people. In addition, there were a number of officials from the ministries and other government and non-governmental organizations.

Kaplan's workshop was opened by Mr. Gita Wirjawan, Minister of Trade who himself is a graduate of Harvard University. Mr. Gita Wirjawan explained that Indonesia needs a new vision for the next 10 to 20 years. To achieve this vision, the country requires a master plan, which is developed systematically. Mr. Gita emphasized that to make a good and realistic master plan, it is important to consider three things: capacity building, good governance, and environmental sustainability.

Mr. Gita Wirjawan also noted that it is even more important to implement the master plan that has been created. A clear and systematic mechanism is indispensable in assessing the success of the master plan, and in measuring progress on all targets and achievements - one tool is the balanced scorecard (BSC). This method is a management tool to "ground" the strategy that has been set by the company or organization in real goals and metrics. Although most of the examples of BSC's application are in the business industry, this method can applied in government organizations, both at the central and local level. Mr. Gita Wirjawan concluded his speech by saying he believed that the Balanced Scorecard method can be adopted and adapted in private companies, governments, and civil society organizations in Indonesia.

The one-day Kaplan workshop was very successful and many parties commented on how appreciative they were. YUID is the first organization to bring Prof. Kaplan to Indonesia, and Prof. Kaplan's presentation to a broad representation of organization was a remarkable contribution to performance management in Indonesia. The event was also a perfect showcase of the contributions made by YUID to Indonesia for today and for the future.

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