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UID has expanded its activities to include community works in organic farming and sustainable development programs in Sentul, West Java, and Serangan Island, Bali.

Serangan Island, Bali - Community Development
We develop programs for the benefit of Serangan villagers. By identifying the problems shared by members of the Serangan community and lay out long-term plans to provide sustainable solutions for the island and its inhabitants such as:

Bank Sampah or Waste Management program is an initiative aimed at creating a new sustainable source of income for Serangan villagers through their efforts in keeping their island tidy and clean.

Bang Uang is a program dedicated to reviving a specific variant of Bangkuang, a local Turnip, that once thrived on Serangan's soil. Bangkuang is a crunchy, mouth-refreshing edible tuberous root, also known to have skin whitening properties.

Bank Sapi (Cow Bank) is a program rooted in the local traditional agricultural practices. The high number of cows on the island provides a generous source of organic fertilizer for the island's Bangkuang gardens, thereby creating a closed-loop sustainable approach.

Aside from its commitment to the environmentally-responsible initiatives, UID lends its support to a Cultural Revitalisation program which encourages a creative ecosystem where local wisdom, traditions, arts and music can flourish and thrive through the coming generations. Currently, the program has two native dance and gamelan masters running classes for both starters and would-be trainers.

Organic Farming and Sustainable Development Programs in Sentul
UID has developed an organic farming project in the Mentari Sentul Resort area. Mentari Sentul Resort is one of the properties owned by PT Dayabuana Swakarya. This activity is aimed at developing an environmentally friendly green agriculture-based local community. The expected result is healthy agricultural produce, sustainable environment, and harmony between private parties (Dayabuana Swakarya, PT) and the local community. Additionally, organic farming and the development of agro-tourism is expected to increase the attractiveness of the Mentari Sentul region to visitors.

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