Congratulation to IDEAS Fellows for Your New Role as Members of The House of Representatives 2019 - 2024

Congratulations to @IDEAS Lestari Moerdijat @IDEAS James Putra Nababan @IDEAS Muhammad Farhan @IDEAS Hugua

Today October 1st is day of Pancasila carrying the flag of United in Diversity. Aristides Katoppo and family chose today to cremate him. Intan Katoppo says that it is in his bucket list for UID to bring MIT U theory and different way to DPR. He has passed the ball to us all! We need to unite in our differences and celebrate life with happy and curious outlook as well as courage to listen empathize and live up to our big U for the challenges from climate nature to social cohesion to peace spiritual demand that..

Loving Whoosshh to all !


Partai Nasional Demokrat
Central Java II

Rerie is UID’s Fellow from program IDEAS 1. As the Vice President of the Media Group as well as the President Director of Media Indonesia, she has been able to view the organization through various lenses. She believes that a leader should be able to develop the purpose of the organization, provide opportunities for growth, develop a performance to be proud of and build a better world. This means providing values for the shareholder and stakeholder, including the community and public.


Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan
DKI Jakarta I

Putra is UID’s Fellow from program IDEAS 1. Having worked in the TV business for more than 10 years, he hopes to find a more comprehensive answer as to why the very visionary and sharp opposition leaders are unable to carry out their pro-people policy once they are in power. He hopes to find a new paradigm in viewing the problems not only by learning from the past experience, but by finding solutions by projecting the future and applying it in the presence. This paradigm should be socialized throughout the nation.


Partai Nasional Demokrat
West Java I

Farhan is UID’s Fellow from program IDEAS 3. He has been working in both radio and television industry in Indonesia. Writing, producing, hosting radio and tv shows are his strongest points in professional skills. Farhan’s passion to develop his human skills & others brought him to the involvement in YCAB Foundation (www.ycabfoundation.org), an organisation that focuses its activities in empowering the youth and his/her family. 


Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan
Southeast Sulawesi

Hugua is UID’s Fellow from program IDEAS 4. Formerly, he was appointed as the Regent of Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi. During his period, he had received numerous awards from various national and international environmental organizations, government agencies, media, and other institutions. These awards were given for his dedication in environmental protection, as well as leadership and government services (e.g. Cipta Abdi Negara Award from the Ministry of Administrative & Bureaucratic Reform, as well as Innovative Government Award and Satya Lencana Pembangunan from The Ministry of Home Affairs).


Posted on 02 October 2019.