Co-CLASS 3T Go Digital

  With the rapid advancement of technology, including the rise of digital economy, Indonesia is facing yet another challenge; there is a need to continually keep up with the rate of development the world is currently witnessing. While the need to be prepared for technological revolution is critical, Indonesia also needs to put extra attention on the development of the frontier, outermost and underdeveloped regions which has long been a blind spot. A holistic understanding of our common challenges is needed to create a sustainable future. Based on our mutual understanding and vision to advance the frontier, outermost and underdeveloped regions, Co-CLASS 3T Go Digital was established. We seek to address our common challenges to create a better sustainable future, utilizing suitable technologies, such as digital economy, as a foundation for development.

CO-CLASS is a cross-sector and cross-system leadership program designed to enable actors from various parts of the ecosystem to convene and develop transformative relationships through authentic conversations and share meaningful experiences. This enables the collective awareness and a profound paradigm shift to occur, leading to collaborative actions aimed towards achieving the overall well-being rather than trying to accommodate the sole interests of certain parts of the system. Co-CLASS: 3T Go Digital is specifically aimed at gathering all relevant stakeholders to develop a digital economic ecosystem for Indonesia's frontier, outermost, and underdeveloped regions. This iteration of Co-CLASS will hold its pilot project in Sangihe, North Sulawesi.

This program is a collaboration between the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia, Tsinghua University, and the United in Diversity Foundation. Forty participants from three sectors (government, business, and civil society) were invited. One aspect that differs this Co-CLASS from the others is the inclusion of local leaders from Sangihe, including the Regent himself. This ensures a thorough understanding and immersive learning experiences regarding the needs, concerns and aspirations of the local residents of Sangihe.

The Co-CLASS Learning Journey is spread throughout the course of seven months, which comprises of six workshops and five learning spaces. The workshops are: (1) Orientation and Foundation Workshop (Bali, 29 April–3 May 2019), (2) Sensing Workshop (Beijing, 17–21 June 2019), (3) Deep Dive Workshop (Sangihe, 8–12 July 2019), (4) Prototyping Review #1 (Jakarta, 5–6 August 2019), (5) Prototyping Review #2 (Jakarta, 4–5 September 2019), and (6) Final Workshop and Graduation (Jakarta, 25–26 November 2019). In between the workshops, participants will still be engaged with the learning process online through the Learning Spaces.  This learning journey is aimed to emulate the U Process which embraces the movement of Co-Initiating, Co-Sensing, Co-Presencing, Co-Creating, and Co-Shaping.

                                                              Image 1. Group photo with Prof. Ramli

                                             Image 2. Know each others through circle check in process

                                       Image 3. Sangihe regency today and the future with Pak Jabes

                                               Image 4.  Participants discussion through hot seven dots game


Posted on 14 May 2019.