United in Diversity, collaborating with Ministry of Manpower, Paramadina University, and Tsinghua University, is organizing a Co-CLASS (Collective, Creative Learning and Action for Sustainable Solutions) with the focus in Employment System Transformation.

Co-CLASS is an executive education program designed to be a learning lab for leaders from the various stakeholders of a system to collectively develop their capacity for creating and leading innovation.  This program aims to

  1. Assess, evaluate, and analyze the economic and employment macrocosm at the global, regional, and national level.
  2. Experience and learn how to build a conducive culture for innovation to take place to address systemic and complex challenges.
  3. Build trust among the key stakeholders of Indonesia’s employment system for the co-creation of a healthy and productive industrial relations.
  4. Construct more inclusive public policy that will encourage an employment climate that is sovereign, independent, and based on trust and cooperation.


Co-CLASS takes 32 cross-sector participants from Business, Government, and Civil Society, representing the various stakeholders of a system, on a five-month learning journey. The five workshops  (18 days meetings) are complemented by individual and group activities in the Learning Spaces in-between workshops where participants are invited to practice their new insights in their own Personal, Professional, and Societal labs.

The 5 workshops are scheduled as follows

Orientation Workshop – Jakarta, 15-17 June 2017, non-residential.

Foundation Workshop – Tsinghua University, Beijing, 10-16 July 2017, residential.

Sensing Workshop – Jakarta, 10-12 August 2017, non-residential.

Deep Dive Workshop – Ciloto, 24-26 August 2017, residential.

Prototype Review Workshop – Jakarta, 6-7 October 2017, non-residential.

Final Workshop & Graduation – Jakarta, 3-4 November 2017, non-residential.

The first workshop, Orientation Workshop had already been done on 8-10 June 2017 at Grand Tropic Hotel Jakarta.  The learning themes of this first workshop were to (1) Elevate the Industry Competitiveness, Social Security Quality, and Stakeholder compliance to the regulation, (2) Enhance the policy quality in employment system, and (3) Enhance the quality of government, NGO, business; and communication between those three stakeholders.

There were some important keynote speakers invited to deliver the fruitful sessions during the workshop. On the first day, Ibu Mari Elka Pangestu, the former minister of Tourism and Creative Economy and is currently also a President of United in Diversity Foundation, talked about Transformation of Industry, Technology and Economics. This session then continued by Suryopratomo, President Director of Metro TV, who delivered the session on Anticipating Uber Civilization. On the second day, the rector of Paramadina University, Prof. Firmanzah, delivered a session about Employment System Transformation. On the last day, Director of Paramadina Public Policy Institute and also Deputy Rector for Operations and Finance at Paramadina University, Bima Priya Santosa,  Ak. BAP, MFM, delivered a session on Philosophical Background of Public Policy.

On this three-day workshop, facilitators from UID, Shobi Lawalata, Cokorda Istri Dewi and Dr. Ben Chan invited the participants to understand and reach the goals of Co-CLASS program through many fascinating and thought-provoking sessions, such as Cultivating Personal Leadership Capacity for 21st Century Challenges, Cultivating Collective Leadership Capacity, Leading Resilient and Adaptive Organization in 21st Century, Generative Conversation, Understanding Complexities: Introduction to Systems Thinking, and others. With the interactive learning methods that aligned head, hand and heart intelligences, participants were really motivated and enthusiastic to follow all sessions in Orientation Workshops.

Ended on June 17, this initial workshop will then be continued with Foundation Workshop on 10-16 July 2017 at School of Public Policy Management, Tsinghua University where participants will be brought to learn more about China employment and public policy.

Posted on 31 July 2017.