Youth Action Forum 2018: Bringing together Youth Change-makers to Create Positive Impact for Society

October 28th is the Youth Pledge Day (Sumpah Pemuda), where we acknowledge the struggles and collective effort of Indonesia’s youth to achieve independence. Nowadays, we play our role in developing youth quality through Youth Action Forum 2018 (YAF 2018). YAF 2018 is a forum where we select and invite 60 young leaders and change-makers from all over Indonesia to gather and develop their personal and collective qualities and capabilities in order to bring positive change to society. Held from October 28th – October 31st 2018, YAF 2018 is attended by representatives from the tri-sector (government, business and civil societies) and from 22 provinces as well as 42 different district and cities from across the nation—our furthest participant is from the Aru Isles!

The enthusiasm surrounding YAF 2018 should also be noted—over 500 potential participants applied! In the end, 60 were selected to attend the 4-day workshop, held at UID’s learning hub. On the 4th day, Minister Eko Putro Sandjojo from the Ministry of Villages, Underdeveloped Regions and Transmigration gave a surprise visit and led a session on how he developed villages and communities.

Following the workshop sessions, YAF encourages our 60 participants to actively collaborate to design prototypes. These prototypes will then be developed into programs to bring forth positive societal change to answer the challenges of the 21st century. The emphasis on integrating the head, heart and hand intelligence ensures a holistic, inclusive and sustainable approach for our better future.
With young leaders like our 2018 Youth Action Forum participants, we believe the future sure is bright.

YAF 2018 brings young change makers from all over Indonesia to collaborate and create positive change, 30th October 2018

Posted on 28 October 2018.