Envirochallenge 2018: Inspiring Young Creative Agents of Change for the Environment

UID partnered up with Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik (GIDKP) and organized Envirochallenge 2018, a series of events aiming to challenge the active participation of high school students in addressing environmental issues in their schools—specifically regarding single-use plastic waste. Envirochallenge invited high schools in Jabodetabek, Greater Bandung Area as well as Bali to participate in the event. A total of 26 schools took part with 9 schools from Jabodetabek, 9 schools from Greater Bandung Area and 8 schools from Bali.

The program started in August with the training of the team of volunteers who eventually became co-facilitators to deliver learning modules at each of the schools. Eventually each school will design a program to tackle immediate waste issues in their schools, which will be assessed by UID for a seed fund. On September 27th a coaching day was held at UID, inviting the top 10 most creative program ideas to further assist them to develop their programs.

Envirochallenge itself is an ongoing program, with the monitoring period expected to end at December 2018 followed by a period of selection to pick the top 3 most sustainable program to grant them further funds to run their respective programs. Through Envirochallenge 2018, UID hopes to inspire a new generation of agents of change, one school at a time.


Posted on 27 September 2018.