Program Penguatan Kapasitas Pemimpin Indonesia: Making Indonesia 4.0 Transforming the capacity of Indonesia's civil apparatus.

In accordance with the Presidential Decree Number 17 2018, UID is trusted to facilitate the learning process for Program Penguatan Kapasitas Pemimpin Indonesia: Making Indonesia 4.0, a joint-program conducted by the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and the National Resilience Institute (LEMHANNAS) to strengthen the capacity of Indonesia’s civil apparatus. This program aims to transform 1000 members within the Indonesian government ministries, institutions and agencies to equip them with the knowledge on how to become collaborative using Theory U and System thinking, thus bringing positive transformational change within their respective institutions. UID is trusted to structure the learning materials, teaching modules as well as facilitate the learning process.

     Vice President Jusuf Kalla delivered the opening address during the first session at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, 7thJune 2018

Three sessions have already been carried out: in June, July 5th and December 3rd with lectures from 2 MIT Professors; Peter Senge attending the first session, and Otto Scharmer attending the second and third. For the year 2019, UID has been entrusted to scale up the program even further and expand the participatory list to at least 3600 civil apparatus participants.

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Posted on 03 December 2018.