The Start of Something BIG in Indonesia

The Bali bombs had just shattered through our lives. Indonesians were dismayed, having prided themselves as a tolerant and secular country. For the deeply spiritual and peaceful island of Bali, this was a particularly shocking tragedy.

A few months later, a group of people met to think deeply about why this had happened, and what they could do about it. the inspiration behind the foundation, United in Diversity (UID). In this team was the remarkable Jane Pratt. Jane was smart, empathetic, a solution-seeker and loved Indonesia. Her mission was to work towards an enlightened leadership which will never let this ever happen again, and her journey brought her to U Theory. IDEAS was set up as a collaboration with MIT, with Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer at the helm… and so the ball was set rolling.
IDEAS is today one of the most dynamic and game-changing leadership programs in Indonesia. Ten years on, and now into its seventh cohort, IDEAS has survived the test of time and continues to grow from strength to strength. To date this program has changed the lives and perspectives of a few hundred Indonesians coming from across the public, private and non-profit sectors.
Five years ago we lost Jane to cancer. But before she left us, she penned the story of how U-theory formed the backbone of one of the most remarkable leadership initiatives in the new Indonesia.

Last fall, in conjunction of the 10th anniversary of UID, the historical book by the late great Jane Pratt, was launched. The Start of Something BIG: The Story of UID and the birth of IDEAS.

“The world abounds with tragic examples of our inability to work across boundaries to create effective strategies for resolving truly systemic challenges like climate destabilization, destruction of critical ecosystems, and poverty.  It was with this vision that the IDEAS program was first conceived. We must bridge the spiritual divide, the societal divide and the ecological divide. The Balinese call this Tri Hita Karana, or the Three Ways to Happiness. Combining MIT’s Otto Scharmer’s teaching of Theory U and Peter Senge’s System Thinking, IDEAS is a heart-based, science-based and hands-on approach to learning and leadership." 


Posted on 21 February 2019.