YSEALI (Young South East Asian Leader Initiatives) Camp Theory U 2017

US Embassy, in cooperation with United In Diversity (UID) Foundation held YSEALI (Young South East Asian Leader Initiatives) Camp U Theory 2017. YSEALI Camp was held on December 5-7, 2017 at Yello Hotel Harmoni. There were 35 participants, including 30 YSEALI alumni and 5 American Corner Representatives.  During the program participants were invited to follow the learning process which included interactive lecture, group discussions, games and dialogue with participants and facilitators. At the end of the program, participants experienced the insightful sensing journey for system transformation. They came up with the ideas of how to improve the TransJakarta transportation system. Participants were all grateful and happy for the opportunity to share and learn together in this YSEALI camp. After the program, participants are expected to share the knowledge to the other young leaders in their respective city by joining and being co-facilitators in the next U.Lab Program 2018 hosted by UID, US Embassy and American Corners.

This G-EXCEL program was implemented with the aim to enrich YSEALI Indonesia alumni with the mindset, tools, and framework for building collective leadership capacity with other stakehoalders and for co-creating innovation that leads to systems transformation.  YSEALI alumni are some of the most outstanding young members of society, with proven track record for translating their talent, youthful passion, and grit into real action that transforms their communities.

Posted on 12 December 2017.