U-Process Workshop for Bojonegoro Government

Aspiring to bring Bojonegoro into a productive, competitive, equitable, sustainable, prosperous, and sustainable national food and energy barn, the Bojonegoro District Government emphasizes the importance of human resources in realizing this vision. As one of the fundamental elements, the leadership quality of Organization of Regional Device (OPD) as the main partner in realizing the vision and mission of Bojonegoro has a very important role. The local government of Bojonegoro invited United In Diversity Foundation (UID) to facilitate the development of leadership capacity that focuses on OPD competence through U-Process.

In this case, UID has the capacity to activate social transformation process in building personal and collective leadership capacity, as well as creative lab to create innovation. UID has extensive experience in designing, managing, and implementing transformation programs at the individual, institutional, system, and eco-systems level. The Bojonegoro Local Government emphasizes the following areas of competence in the facilitation process: Competence, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Innovation, and Spirituality.

The workshop was held on May 16-17, 2017 in Griya Dharma Kusuma Bojonegoro.  It was attended by 82 participants.  This program aims to increase the leadership capacity that focuses on OPD competence through U-Process.

Posted on 15 May 2017.