SLOT: GT Spirit Leadership

Several leadership capacities are crucial for organizations to survive in the 21st Century, among them is the ability to see complex issues and situations from a systemic perspective, and being able to engage in generative and constructive conversations. United in Diversity (UID) will deliver programs that explore the the above skills in a series of short-course modules designed specifically for PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk. Indonesia named Selected Learning Organization Tracks (SLOT).

SLOT is a Program designed to elevate team performance using Peter Senge’s work, The Fifth Discipline. SLOT for PT. Gajah Tunggal delivered in 2 cohorts. SLOT cohort 1.0 was held in Tangerang on March 23rd and SLOT cohort 2.0 on April 25th, 2017.

This program aims to elevate analytical skills by understanding different patterns that generates problem and make high quality decision by understanding interdependent of variables and finding strategic points of intervention.


Posted on 23 March 2017.