HIVOS Workshop: Sustainable Diets for All

Hivos Foundation is an international development organisation that work together with local civil society organizations in creating solutions to respond in global issues in developing countries. One of Hivos's projects in Indonesia is the Sustainable Diets for All program (SD4A). Hivos has established partnership with RisetIndie in Bandung to apply Theory U as the framework for building collective leadership capacity and innovation to create a more sustainable food system, in particular sustainable consumption among middle-lower socio-economic class. 

United in Diversity (UID) collaborated with HIVOS, Riset Indie and ITB work together to elevate the role of PKL in Bandung as an outlet for healthy and hygienic food, especially for low-income communities. Together we  explore 2 Labs for this learning process. First lab is within ITB ecosystem which will engage MBA ITB students to gather data needed from PKL. Second Lab will be a multi-stakeholders dialogue using knowledge café process to have shared vision and surface mental model of each stakeholder.

Posted on 12 October 2017.