Outstanding Indonesian Projects on Sustainability awarded by UID and the United Nations

UID, together with United Nations SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network) recently recognized three outstanding projects in Indonesia for their social and economic impact on the nation and their unique sustainable solutions to make a better world. The award was given during the International Conference on Sustainable Tourism held in Yogyakarta this month.

Called the “UID UN SDSN Award: Sustainable Solutions for a Better World”, this award was designed to recognize, support and encourage the best social solutions in Indonesia.

The winner was Bintang Sejahtera Waste for its community-based waste management system.

The other two awardees honored were Krakakoa Chocolates for their work in improving the lives and incomes of cocoa farmers and Mothers of Light for empowering women to bring solar lights to remove Indonesian villages.

This is the third time this award has been given. Previous winners were the Regional government of Bojonegoro for their “Better Road Forward” program which helps the community to build and repair its roads and The Learning Farm, a residential organic farm for vulnerable youth and refugees outside Jakarta which has been “Sowing the Seeds of Change” for over 10 years.

The award supports the winner with Rp 300 million, and also provides media exposure and mentoring support though UID’s IDEAS alumni to all three finalists. The cash award has each year been graciously provided by PT. Gajah Tunggal tbk.

“In today’s challenging environment, it is important to be supporting sustainable projects for boosting the Indonesian economy in general, and working to enhance the tourism industry directly and indirectly as well. I am very proud of this partnership between UID and the UN SDSN and what it is achieving for our country and the region.” - Mari Elka Pangestu, President, UID

“It's great to work with such an impressive network of sustainable development professionals supporting our global goals through local action. The UID awards are an example of the impact that is possible when experts are mobilized toward a common goal. “ Maria Crete, UN SDSN

Posted on 05 December 2017.