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Facilitators Learning Innovation Program (FLIP)

What is FLIP?
FLIP is Facilitators Learning Innovation Program, a course designed to further develop and elevate your competence in facilitating collective learning process.

Why is it Valuable for You?
The challenges we face in the world is becoming increasingly complex. It is no longer within one person, one division, or one organization’s capacity to solve them. Creating innovative solutions to address these challenges require collective capacity instead of the conventional silo and fragmented approaches. Therefore, it is essential to have skilled facilitators who can guide diverse groups along innovative learning process and creating results that truly matter. 

Through its interactive learning methods, UID’s FLIP will allow you to sharpen various aspects of your core facilitation competences such as designing learning environment, deep listening, building authentic relationships, inquiring with powerful questions, and meaningful communication.

Further information please contact:
Ms. Shobi Lawalata
E-mail: contact@unitedindiversity.org
Work: 021-5701208