IDEAS 3.0Case Study & Prototype

Clean Senayan River, Jakarta
Dolphin Group (Budi, Arief, Sari,Yasmin, Judith)

At the moment, Senayan river in Jakarta is filled with garbage and exudes an unpleasant smell. The privately owned establishments surrounding the river Senayan Golf, Hotel Mulia and Senayan City are in danger of pointing fingers in terms of who is to blame and who should be responsible in keeping the river clean. This group wishes be a catalyst of change to clean up the Senayan River by facilitating productive talks among the stakeholders and helping to come up with an innovative solution to improve the river.
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Voice of Papua Children
Eagle Group (Ayu, Desi, Omar, Shanti, Mei, Pradnya, Harry, Agus)

This group wishes to give an outlet to the voices of the children of Papua. This starts by providing them with cameras, and letting them capture what they see of the world around them, as well as their own response and reactions. After a certain amount of time, the cameras are collected and the resulting images and videos are put into medium such as art exhibition for greater exposure.
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Integrated Marine Eco-Economy & Empowerment in Sarangan, Bali
Sharks Group (Yugi, Bagus, Fajar, Ita, Farhan)

This group wishes to bring Ecology, Economy and Education to the people of Sarangan Island in Bali. The island is already a site for coral reef transplantation programs, and the group wants to add an element of ecotourism to strengthen the economy of the people. Furthermore, they also wish to use the existing ecological richness of the island as a site for conservation education. 
Nature Through Economic Prosperity
Lion Group (Yani, Ana, Ruben, Roni, Bayu)

This group focuses on a population of Javan gibbon on Gunung Ciremai, West Java. The Javan gibbons are an endemic species of Java and is currently listed by IUCN as critically endangered. The Gunung Ciremai population is one of the few remaining pockets of javan gibbon existing in the wild. The idea behind this prototype is to conserve nature by strengthening the economic prosperity of the villagers who live on the mountain slope. At the moment poverty often pushes the villagers to encroach on the gibbons’ habitat, but having an alternative mean of subsistence would alleviate the pressure on the mountain’s natural resources. 
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Defence by Prosperity
Dragon Group (Connie, Jatna, Muklis, Alfred, Udik, Bill)

This group focuses on a small archipelago in Maluku Tenggara Barat regency. A strategic border defense post, the villagers in the area are fishermen by trade who often suffer from competition with illegal fishermen of foreign nationalities. The group wishes to set up a marine ‘no-take’ zone to serve as a breeding ground for the fish to replenish the population, and also aid the villagers’ livelihood by improving their fishing methods and tools.
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